Helping you to make extra Money Easily...!!!

     To earn extra money is necessary for most of the people. If you are computer guy, have experience in online surfing, etc., then here is the golden chance to earn some BIG Money by sparing only 30-40 min. per week.

     This is very easy work. The company is Speak Asia. It is basically Singapore based company. It is in this business since one and half year. And its record that it never missed to provide survey in time and it never been late in payment to its 'Panelist', yes, it calls its' members the Panelist. 

     Currently, it is an Official Sponsor of  IPL4 Game. This is Online Survey work. The survey market is about Rs. 250 cores in India. Each and every, Big or Small companies need survey from consumers regarding their products. They use these surveys to improve their product quality, looks, price, etc. So, what is the plan to do this surveys? Here it is:

1) First you need a Sponsor,  yes the person who is already joined with Speak Asia. He can register you by his/her Id.

2) First time Joining costs Rs. 11,000/- = Rs. 1000/- life time registration, and Rs. 10000/- for 1 year / 52 week Subscription. The joining fees is increasing on 11th may, 2011 to around 13,000/- to 14,500/-.

3) After joining with sponsor Id, you will get you  login ID and Password to start your earning. It pays Rs. 500/- per survey filling. You will get 2 surveys on every week. so you earn Rs. 52,000/- within your first one year.

4) There are another option to increase your monthly income with survey filling. Its not mandatory, It is to join more and more peoples to Speak Asia through your ID. for Every 1 Pair of Members under your id, you will get Rs. 3000/-. After that any pair occurring beneath you, you will get Rs. 1000/-.  

For more details please contact me or visit Speak Asia . To join contact me with contacts link on homepage.

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